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Our Vision

We work very hard to provide the optimal solutions for our society in order to help people to keep up with the global development depending on recruiting the modern marketing solutions which make the audience a positive contributor not only a targeted customer.

Our Mission

To innovate by recruiting the rapid growth of the world today and to use the modern technology in order to promote the products perfectly to the different individuals and institutions,to reach the largest possible customers ,achieving record results, through innovating acreative methods.

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Marketing Service

* Promoting the products through the most popular accounts on Twitter .

* Promoting the products through the most popular groups on Facebook .

* Promoting the products through the most popular accounts on Instagram


* Marketing through the open advertising platforms (According to the nature of product, as every platform has a different options for reaching the audience) :

  Google Adwords







* Marketing through websites and online newspapers (Through a large network of the most popular websites)

  • Marketing through social networking sites
  • Marketing through electronic newspapers
  • Shopping across large sites
  • Shopping via the mass accounts figures
Digital Media Management Service

Through a specialist team of editors, designers and photographers we manage the digital platforms of the governmental and commercial entities to ensure effective communication with customers through the digital channels, so content management has many stages:

* Drawing up the general plan:

by preparing the marketing strategy according to goals of the customers in order to start the advertising campaigns.


* Content editing:

by designing and editing to produce an integrated content that fits with the different personalities.


* Scheduling the publishing and following up the growth:

by choosing the most suitable times, following up questions of the customers and interacting with them in order to create a close relationship and also to draw a positive image in the customers mind.


* Periodic reports of results:

periodic reports and detailed statistics about the social channels showingrate of interactions, impressions, feedbacks and behavior of the customers towards a specific product.

  • Digital platforms Management
  • Preparation shopping strategy
  • Design and photography and editing content
  • Persistent reports

1 – Web Applications :

* Drawing the website map and making an easy and suitable framework for the user.

* Programming the website using the best programming languages and the modern tools to ensure stability of the application.

* Creating the suitable content that has a good editing, photos and professional videos.

* Improving the search engine optimization (SEO) to attract more visitors from the different search engines.

* Technical support and the ongoing maintenance.


2 – Mobile Applications:

* Knowing the main functions of the application to build its first prototype.

* Programming the application to fit with the different platforms: IOS and Android.

Adding any necessary option to develop it.

Adding the application to the app stores, providing the client with detailed reports about sales and finallyperiodic delivery of profits.

* Technical support with the ongoing development.

* Providing advertising services through these applications.

  • set up a high-level software applications
  • programming on different systems
  • constant technical support
  • reports earnings for the application

A reports and statistics using advanced tools to measure the growth of interactionsand to show feedbacks of the users towards specific products or towards specific issues may benefit this agency. These reports cover several aspects like:

* Charts show the ratio of interactions and impressions.

* Collect all the important posts, comments and hashtags to insert in the report.

* Dynamic reports show the results during the month, the week, the day, the hour and the minute.

* Studying the users' behavior and linking it with the feedbacks based on the used platforms.

* Making detailed reports about the competitors and their strengths and weakness.

* Providing suggestions and tips to develop performance of the customers.

  • advanced tools for creating reports
  • Search for monitoring reports axes
  • and consulting proposals to raise the performance

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